I wish away my days
Dreaming of never happened yesterdays

Back to the Indiana fall
I never took classes in that hall
Where I imagined we’d make art & fall in love
With ideology, we explore in wine &
Smoking one last cigarette to celebrate our youth
The time we never had to be spent as lovers
Now I wish I’d smoked more weeed
Since I never appreciate sitting still
My face pressed up against the glass of life
Wondering first what to do with, then
Where went all this time.

Two Years Later

I. Scars
Sometimes people leave traces, scars.
We hadn’t spoken in two years time when you messaged me.
But your pen laid out
Where I left it this morning.

II. Fix
You call me after two year’s time
You want me to come and fix your life
Easily enough I come to find
That is no longer a job of mine

Thigh Tattoos

My tattoos peek out on my thighs
Drawing attention from the eyes
Makes you wonder what’s inside
Don’t you want to take my pants off?

I have dreamed of different lives
I paint & smoke, you kiss my thighs
Between my flowers you polinate me
I breathe you in in ecstasy
I really need to get laid

I never seem to have the time
to live the way I want this life
Too many ideas in my head
Stress me out so I clean instead

How did people spend their nights
Without killing hours with TV time

Is this even a poem?


I sat in the bath
and read a book
to avoid a panic attack
about the end of my youth

My body no longer
can roam wild & free
now there are consequences
it begs please stop poisoning me

I stay in & try to obey
my social life falls into disarray
I look at all these stacks of books
Wondering how long it took

People Watch

I decided to go and people watch
from the glory of a coffee shop
My cat tried to convince me to stay
as he rubbed my foot upon his face

I went out this morning to people watch
I didn’t know they’d be so young
Every other table in this coffee shop
as at least one little one

All of them are one or two
And just an hour later
Comes a wave of the slightly older
nap times, call the waiter

A mother holds up a book for her little one
Subdues her so they can eat
The one childless couple about my age
Has amazing fashion taste

All of the children beg for books
The parents read alound
I hope these are habits all children keep
As into the world they bound

The servers perfect the art of doging
children on the floor
One thing is clear in this crazy zoo
Parents are not the ones in charge